Vashikaran Mantra can be used to control mind of any person and make him do things in your favor. You can apply them on your lover to get back to you or marry you. You can even apply these mantras to solve your other problems in life. By chanting these Vashikaran Mantra you can easily control the mind of other person and get things done in your favor.

Here are some of the best mantras of Vashikaran-
• Om humm (Name of Lover) me vashyam kuru kuru swaha
• Om namoh kat vikat ghor rupani (Name of Lover) vashmanay swaha
• Om kaam malini th th swaha
• jham jham jham haaam haam haim haim
• Om hrim Saha
• Om namoh bhagwati chamunda mahariday kampni swaha
• Om kasan kasam kasha sau h h sah thah thah swaha
• Om namoh bhagwati rudraya a drashti lekhi nahar swaha duhai knsasur ki joot joot phura mantra ishwaro wacha